D1 Kunming (D)

Arr. Kunming, a city famous for the mild climate, beautiful natural scenery, and has the nickname of City of Eternal Spring. Pray at Mosque of Nancheng. Visit the Shunchen street Check in hotel.

D2 Kunming/Stone Forest (B/L/D)

A full day tour to Stone Forest, Located in Lunan County 86 km southeast of Kunming, it is known as the “First Wonder of the World”. “It is a waste of time without being in the Stone Forest while visiting Kunming” is a local saying to express the deep love of the local people toward this world wonder. The quintessential kart landscape makes every tourist lost in wonder, Right in here, you will be astonished at the unique peaks and strange caves, the flying-down mountain spring, and the plateau lake. All these knitted together to present before you a picture of natural beauty, leading far into a merry dreamland. Check in hotel.

D3 Stone Forest/Kunming (B/L/D)

After lunch come back to Kunming, visit DaGuan Park --- a local public park with beautiful sceneries, artificial lake and Mountain View. Shopping at colorful Yunnan Shopping Center. And visit the Golden Horse and Green Rooster and Archways, Check in hotel.

D4 Kunming (B/L/D)

Visit the Western Mountains; Viewed from the southeast corner of Kunming, the entire forest reserve looks like a beautiful maiden reclining leisurely by the Dianchi Lake, her long hair quivering in the limpid water. Hence the nickname of the Western Mountains Forest Reserve,” Sleeping Beauty”. Built on the steep rock hills, the carved stone” Dragon Gate” consists of the major part, which was cut from the 46th year of Qianlong Era (1781) to the third year of Xianfeng Time in the Qing Dynasty. No tourist can but be astonished at such elegant carving on such precipitous hills.

D5 Kunming (B/L)

Visit the Luosi Wan Wholesale Market, the Flower Market. Depart Kunming after lunch.