CUSTOMISED HOLIDAY .... We plan what you want to see.

Everyone style of holiday is different. Some wish to see as much as possible within the limited time that they have, while others want to relax and soak in the local culture. Whichever style of travelling that you have in mind, we can arrange for you and the best way to do this is through your very own customised trip. We plan what you want to see at your preferred pace of travel.

Is it very expensive???

Not all customized trips are expensive and for some by spending a  little bit more, will enable a great holiday with a little more privacy and flexibility than the usual group tours. And this is what we provide! 

What kind of customised holiday?

We do have various range of customised trips to worldwide destination for your personal or small group holiday among friends and family. With your own private transport and driver/guide, explore from nearby region such as Thailand, Indochina (covering Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos), Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia , to further destinations such as China, Sri Lanka, India and Morocco. Just 2 person or more and you are ready to go. There are many destination to be explored, feel free to check with us.

How about free & easy?

We provide worldwide flight ticketing and hotel reservation through our comprehensive booking system. Just let you know your intended period of travel, and we will shortlist suitable flight and hotel options for you, whether it's city breaks or resort / beach holidays. Private and joint in basis transfer , as well as day tour, car rentals can be arranged as well.

Any joint in basis tours available?

In places such as New Zealand, Korea, Japan, and Europe, we can recommend and pre-booked joint-in-basis land tours or day tours for your consideration which are more economical for personal holiday. This save  you the hassle of doing your own research and planning. 

Contact us now for more ideas and options for destinations that you wish to explore. We can customised a memorable holiday for you and your travelling partners.  Meanwhile check out some of the destination listed and contact us for a quote.

you choose the destination and we customise for you.

We plan what you want to see!!!